“Tailored” shirts

Lavoro_10123Tailored shirts means the broadest imaginable choice; the customer can choose every detail for a perfect combination. Everything stems from superior fabric and the wise selection of the finest materials supplied by global leaders: Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson, Cotonificio Albini….
The fabrics chosen are exclusively double-twisted and on top-end sizes up to 240/2 and 300/2.

Choosing the buttons is equally important: Australian Mother of pearl or  trocas, shredded and pressed seashells. More parts of the shirt are woven  by hand, making a tailored shirt an authentic masterpiece and a timeless  item: the invisibly felled sleeve and shoulder, the bar that lines the seams on the sides  and the precise trim of the hand-knit buttonholes to give the right aplomb. Flawless,  everything you expect from a shirt of this kind. Custom-tailored: a broad choice to satisfy your every desire.

The secret to a great tailored shirt are superb Italian fabric and the careful selection of only the best materials

Mastai Ferretti