It is 1982 when Gilberto Rossi decides to make his entrepreneurial dream come true: to begin a business in the industry of fabrics and shirt accessories, coupling superior tailoring know-how acquired over the years with a natural instinct for quality and fashion. From the strength of this concept comes Saitt, acronym for “Società Anonima Industriale Trasformazione Tessuti” (Anonymous Tissues Transformation Industrial Company): a name industrial operators are soon acquainted to. 1991 is another milestone year for the group: the Company starts to manufacture its own men’s shirt line.

A refined – medium refined product that requires a workforce of 300 employees and that is instantly appreciated by the market. As a matter of fact, only a year goes by that the number of employees and manufactured items double, making the Company a market leader and creating the conditions for its business to grow, no less nowadays.
While the figures that describe this entrepreneur’s tale are proof enough of its success, the final breakthrough comes between 1995 and 1997: the Company develops and introduces the Mastai Ferretti and G. Ferretti collections and later purchases the historical brand, Truzzi Milano. This business deal allows the Group to set foot in the luxury tier with a product and trademark of absolute excellence: Truzzi is a classic shirt of rare tailoring quality that is recognized and valued by the most exclusive and elite market tiers. Besides this brand, Saitt welcomes the know-how of Luigi Ballini, the owner of the tailor’s boutique, and the staff that has been working for him for years: a precious legacy of knowledge jealously treasured by the new owners.
1998 will thus prove a record year: employees are 900, manufactured items 1,400,000. Saitt is a herald of Italian excellence, capable of coupling the highest quality with impressive manufacturing capacity.
Truzzi Milano, Mastai Ferretti and Agho secure the Company a stable presence in all key market sectors, offering the right solution to the whole spectrum of customers and confirming its global leadership.
The throbbing heart of the Group are no doubt its founder Gilberto Rossi and Luigi Ballini, who for a long time helmed the styling division. Two complementary personalities; the first has been running Group management since 1982: relying on his ability to interpret and effectively respond to market demands, he succeeded in revolutionizing the shirt business. The second followed in his father Ferruccio’s footsteps, from whom he inherited an exceptional sense of style and elegance. Luigi Ballini, the measuring tape around his neck, has been teaching and practicing the art of sowing ever since he was a young man, at the head of a team that interpreted and tirelessly developed his refined view of excellence. His name continues to be associated on the international panorama to the art of crafting beautiful, impeccably sewn shirts, whose every detail captures the wealth of the haute tailoring it jealously guards..
After having purchased the Truzzi Milano brand, Saitt continued to rely on Ballini to run the factories and the highly qualified staff, thereby continuing to uphold the tailoring tradition of the “one-piece tailored item”.

Saitt’s headquarters are in the heart of the Republic of San Marino, where we develop the concept and design behind all our collections. Styling and supplying work side by side to find the best yarn, fabrics and colors; dialogue with suppliers is non-stop, in order to provide solutions that meet the Group’s quality standards.
Our tailoring lab, moreover, manages to satisfy even the most fussy customer; a tailored service for a shirt that perfectly fits the bust. This service is available to top-tier customers; the customer can choose the  type of fabric from a broad selection of fine Italian and English fabrics and the pattern he likes best and his basic measures are taken to then tailor the shirt. Projects are in development to establish a close-knit collaboration with 20 leading European clients to set up tailor booths for this service in their stores.

The city of Brăila in Romania is where Group’s major manufacturing hub is located, with a factory of 16,000 square meters and 825 employees. Staff at the manufacturing facility is highly trained, machinery is top-range and logistics are fully automated, guaranteeing a peak production per day of over 5,000 items, allowing for more efficient time-to-order in responding to customer demand all over the world. Relying on the aid of the most modern technology enables Saitt to offer tailored products to the market on a large scale, while nonetheless preserving the typical set-up of a small craftsmanship and upholding the guiding principles of the first master tradesmen that have made shirt history in the world. Saitt’s peculiar tradition-minded set-up distinguishes it from all other global leaders in the men’s shirts business.

Mastai Ferretti